Hear what some of the people we train had to say about FWE:

Bootcamp is the most addictive exercise I have ever done!! Nothing beats exercising outside! Odell and Andrew are fantastic trainers, they push you hard and inspire you to keep going when you feel like giving up! Thanks to them my wedding dress was too big for me last year!! But I'm not complaining! All the other Bootcamp fans that come are really friendly and you feel at ease knowing you are all in this together. I have convinced a friend to join me and now shes hooked too! Bootcamp is the only exercise I won't give up for anything and as sad as this may sound to some, I plan my week around it!!

Sarah Wagenaar

I was introduced to Wanstead boot camp by a friend. The term boot camp is very daunting so I was petrified at first and maybe I should have been too, it's really hard work. However I have found that anyone at any level of fitness can definitely take part. Only thing you need to do is to push yourself as hard as you can. The trainers are there to make sure you're doing just that. I have been trained by Odell and Andrew and both of them are extremely skillfull trainers. Boot camp experience for me has been painfull, tough, really effective, challenging and very, very addictive.

Having been diagnosed with ME in 2004 and most recently arthiritus, I thought my excercise days were over. I called FWE as I started to feel a bit sluggish and the weight had piled on. I was advised to work in a small group, which I did and roped in my family. I have been working with FWE for a while now, and my trainer has pushed me to levels I thought I would never reach. I feel much more confident with myself and my energy level has increased tremendously.

Leona O'Garro